UKTC Board

Independent Board

The UKTC Board is truly independent.  Board Members have a wealth of senior leadership experience and knowledge of the haulage and distribution sector and of those companies (from SMEs to large corporations) and individuals that own and operate lorries to deliver goods and services. Their varied and extensive experience means that they have the breadth and depth of experience to communicate with members of the Proposed Class and represent their interests fairly.

They share a common goal to ensure that all those who have been financially disadvantaged by the actions of the cartelists are properly and fairly compensated.

Roger Kaye QC


Roger Kaye QC sat as a full-time Senior Circuit specialist Chancery and Mercantile Deputy High Court Judge between 2005 and 2016. Prior to this, Roger Kaye QC practised as a barrister for 34 years, 16 of those as Queen’s Counsel. He sat as a Deputy High Court Judge for 26 years and sat as a Recorder in the Crown Court for 11 years. Roger Kaye QC was also appointed as an inspector of the Department of Trade and Industry to investigate the affairs of Anglia Television PLC (1994) and TransTec PLC (2000-2003). His varied legal experience has provided him with the skills required to manage large and complex litigation.

Roger Kaye QC is completely independent of the trucks industry and is committed to ensuring that as many members of the Proposed Class as possible secure fair compensation.

Michael Leonard

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has over 40 years of commercial and operational experience in the construction and manufacturing industries. He is currently the CEO of Building Alliance Community Interest Company, which is a consortium that represents the interests of businesses within the construction sector; its current membership amounts to approximately £2 billion of the brick and block building industry and comprises of a diverse range of companies.

Mike’s experience in the construction and manufacturing sectors gives him a broad oversight of industry practice and has enabled him to develop an understanding of the different approaches that businesses take to operating a fleet of vehicles, in particular in the SME sector. Mike’s experience and contacts in representing the interests of businesses in the construction, masonry manufacturing and SME sub-sectors, combined with his extensive board level experience across a number of companies means that he is well-qualified to act as UKTC’s CEO.

Mr. Paul Cullingford

Company Secretary

Paul has 23 year’s experience in a finance role within the distribution and logistics sectors. He has held various financial roles, including 18 years as  Chief Financial Officer of Bibby Supply Chain Services Limited, whose activities included distribution, warehousing and freight forwarding. Paul is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Arrow XL Limited, a leading home delivery business. Having worked in distribution and logistics for most of his career, Paul has been involved in the procurement of vehicles by analysing pricing models and setting purchase figures. He is also a former senior auditor at PwC. His experience means that he is well suited to acting as UKTC’s company secretary ensuring good corporate governance.

Mr. Keith Mahoney

Keith had 23 years of experience working in logistics within Marks & Spencer. He became Head of Logistics for Marks & Spencer PLC which included responsibility for the procurement of vehicles when the company decided to bring that function in-house. He has held a number of Non-Executive Directorships, including being the Vice Chairman of Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital Trust. During his 7 years in this role he also chaired the Finance Committee and the Trust Charity and was a member of the Audit Committee. He was also a Trustee of the Marks & Spencer Pension Fund which has approximately 100,000 members. As a Trustee his primary duty was to act in the best interest of the members. This experience means that Keith is well-used to representing and safeguarding the interests of a wide group of individuals and ensuring good governance.

Mike Phillips

Mike has extensive experience in third-party logistics and spent 15 years at Atchison Topeka Limited, an SME company specialising in providing logistics services to the food manufacturing sector. He has been a commercial director at DHL TradeTeam (a drinks logistics business) and is currently the owner of Ralph Davies International, which is an SME business in the third-party logistics sector. Mike has spent most of his career involved in the purchase of vehicles and fleet management; the pricing of vehicles and negotiation of deals was a key part of the roles he held within logistics businesses. Mike also spent 18 years at National Australia Banking Group, where he was involved in lending to SMEs who had purchased vehicles, particularly plant and hire businesses.

Mr. Brian Templar

Brian has over 45 years of commercial and operational experience working in the logistics sector. He began his career in logistics in 1974 when he joined the National Freight Corporation, which had a fleet of 8,000 vehicles at that time. Having spent 11 years there in various management roles, Brian became Group Managing Director of Federal Express – European Logistics Management Division. He has held senior management and leadership roles at a number of logistics businesses, including spending four years developing a commercial vehicles contract-hire business. Brian is currently the CEO and Chairman of Davies and Robson, a logistics and supply-chain consultancy business, a post which he has held for 20 years. Brian brings his knowledge of the logistics sector and the contract hire and leasing market to UKTC.

Mr. Mark Wilson

Mark has over 35 years of experience in logistics, primarily at Bibby Distribution (whose activities included supply chain solutions, warehousing and distribution), and spent 11 years working as an Account Director, Divisional Director and Operations Director. Mark is currently the Managing Director of Clarke Transport and has experience of managing both a leased-fleet and an owned-fleet, comprising approximately 800 Trucks. He has been directly involved in preparing business cases for the purchase of new vehicles by providing pricing and cost information at board level. During his time as Supply-Chain Director and Distribution Director at Palmer & Harvey he had responsibility for vehicle strategy, including the specification of vehicle numbers, makes and models.