UK Trucks Claim Limited’s application to the Competition Appeal Tribunal to bring a collective claim for damages on behalf of those who acquired new medium or heavy trucks in the UK during the 14 year period 1997 -2011, when the largest European truck manufacturers were found to have breached competition law, was heard over five days from 19 April 2021.

At the same time, the Tribunal heard the RHA’s application to bring a collective claim arising from the same competition law breach. The Tribunal has reserved its judgment on both applications and its decision is expected in late summer or autumn. As soon as this is received we shall provide a news update.

All truck owners who want to benefit from UKTC’s action need take no further action for the moment, however, If you would like to know about UK Trucks Claim Limited’s application and would like to talk directly to a member of the UKTC independent Board, please email us at: